Increasing Knowledge Assimilation; One of the best ways to increase knowledge assimilation retention and recall is to review concepts soon after being exposed to them. For each paper simply share your reflections on that week’s assigned readings and videos as well as the class discussion. I would rather you write in-depth about a couple of topics rather than trying to cover everything superficially. Crucially, the purpose of these papers is not to summarize course concepts; rather, it is to react, reflect, and retort. As a general rule, don’t tell me things I already know. As examples, you might discuss how some topic(s) would be usefully applied in your current workplace, your rationale for disagreeing with something we discussed, or how a given topic connects to some other topic(s) we’ve discussed in the course. Essentially, I am looking for some deeper consideration of the materials you have encountered in the course that week. Importantly, you should spend at least half of the paper reacting to class discussion, exercises, or structure rather than just reacting to class readings and videos

write a 3,000-word paper covering topics related to that week’s theme and course materials. You may consider this assignment an extended Reaction Paper

 Increasing Knowledge Assimilation

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