Social Channel Plans for Companies; What is the best social channel plan for the company you chose to focus on?, Describe four tactics marketers use to achieve experience strategies and note the related zone(s) of social media., How does a content plan relate to experience strategies?, What are the elements included in the content plan, What is an editorial calendar and what should be considered in developing the calendar?,  Explain relating to the business you chose to focus on.

Social Channel Plans for Companies

The channel-planning process involves three steps: (1) understanding the platform’s value proposition, (2) creating your brand’s use case for engagement, and (3) ensuring everyone on your team works from the same set of guidelines. Let’s look closer at each one.

1. Value propositions for social media channels

Each channel and its core community’s engagement preferences play major roles in deciding if your content is a good fit. Your audience might be open to connecting with your brand in a Twitter chat but reserves Snapchat for personal conversations. Authoritative long-form content might play well on LinkedIn or Medium, while memes, mash-ups, and captioned photos are more appropriate for platforms like Instagram.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of each channel and its corresponding community before joining the conversation. Use this helpful tip sheet from Aaron Agius as a primer for matching the content to the best distribution channel to achieve your brand’s goals.

2. Use case for social channels

With a short list of potential channels in hand, map existing content assets to their most appropriate distribution channels. Remember to consider the content experiences audiences expect, determine if you have the resources to meet those expectations, and evaluate the potential to deliver meaningful business results with your efforts.

Answer these questions (adapted from CMI’s Social Media Survival Guide) to decide if a channel is the right fit for your business. Your responses also can provide clues as to how to position your content to compel the audience to act:


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