Boss Leadership. Think of a recent boss you have had. Were they more of a manager or a leader? Was this appropriate for their role? And how did it impact you as a follower?

Boss Leadership
Boss Leadership

Managers and leaders have distinct roles and functions in an organization, and a person can have qualities of both. While managers tend to focus on maintaining systems, processes, and policies to ensure that the organization is running efficiently, leaders tend to inspire, motivate and guide the people in the organization towards a common vision.

If a boss is more of a manager, they may be good at controlling costs, implementing procedures and achieving performance targets, but they may not be as effective in inspiring and empowering their employees to reach their full potential. If a boss is more of a leader, they may be able to inspire and motivate their employees, but they may not be as good at the technical and administrative aspects of managing the organization.

Whether a boss should be more of a manager or a leader depends on the needs of the organization and the particular situation. For example, during a crisis, a manager may be more appropriate, whereas in a time of growth and change, a leader may be more appropriate.

As a follower, the impact of having a boss who is more of a manager or more of a leader can vary. A boss who is more of a manager may create a more structured and predictable work environment, but may not encourage innovation or personal growth. A boss who is more of a leader may create a more flexible and dynamic work environment, but may not provide clear direction or specific goals. Ultimately, it is important for a boss to have a balance of both managerial and leadership qualities to effectively manage and lead their employees.


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