Title is: SOLUTION: The use of Technological Platforms to improve Patient Flow

Task 1: Problem Statement Outline Using the Work titled Effective Problem Statements and Research Questions as a guide, develop a bullet point outline for the problem statement. Each bullet should be a single sentence.

Following the specific problem sentence include a short sentence describing how this problem is related to your cognate (My cognate is Healthcare Management). Finally, add APA formatted references for the supporting reference sentences. Following the outline, you will provide an annotated bibliography for each reference provided. (I will upload a sample APA format to use)

You will post your submission as a word document. Your submission will include the following: Title Block ·Last Name, First Name ·Cognate ·Research Project Track (Dissertation or Project) ·Research Paradigm ·Planned Research Design ·Proposed Topic

Problem Statement Bullet Outline ·General Problem Sentence oSupporting Reference Sentence with Current Citation (< 5 years)oSupporting Reference Sentence with Current Citation (< 5 years)oSupporting Reference Sentence with Current Citation (< 5 years)oSupporting. SOLUTION: The use of Technological Platforms to improve Patient Flow

Reference Sentence with Current Citation (< 5 years, optional bridge supporting references sentence, see problem statement work) ·Specific Problem Sentence ·Relationship to Cognate (Not part of the problem statement) ·References Annotated Bibliography for each Reference APA formatted reference (250 words for each reference) ·Description of why this is a credible source (author(s), publication, date) ·Summary of the article and help with assignment ·Discussion of how this reference supports the existence of the general problem and the consequences of the problem identified in the general problem sentence.

Topic: HIV/AIDS prevention for college students

SOLUTION: The use of Technological Platforms to improve Patient FlowPart 1

Use the 3rd person: introduce your given topic, after you researched the topic:

– a) Cite info about your patient’s/population’s disability/disease/condition;

– b) Cite how the disability/disease/condition affects their learning and or how they learn.

– c) (3 to 6 short paragraphs. (One paragraph includes 3 complete sentences).

–  Sources: CDC, Mayo Clinic-official, Medlineplus.gov; Miller & Stoeckel’s (2019), chapter 7 (If you don’t have Miller’s book you can borrow it from WCU library-virtually or rent it from the publisher at homework help).

– Note: This is a work about teaching, not about the disease/condition. It’s not a care plan. Do not develop a scenario, just answer what’s asked. It does not need to “flow.” SOLUTION: The use of Technological Platforms to improve Patient Flow

OBHR Comparative Case Study (20%)

Individual assignment 

Please read the guidelines thoroughly else it will cost you grades.

Due: Week 11 (by the end of class hours) 

Prepare a 1000-word comparative case study. Adhere to the following format while preparing the case study.

  • Choose      two well documented case studies of different organizations.
  • One      case study should be based on success story like Apple, Google,      Microsoft.
  • Other      case study should focus on organizational failure/project failure etc.      like Blueberry, Nokia, Yahoo.
  • Analyze      the organizational structure and culture for both organizations.
  • What      is the mode of communication adopted by both organizations? How do employees      interact with each other?
  • What      kind of leadership style these organizations prefer/follow? What is      the management style of both organizations?
  • Explain      how the organizational culture, structure and management style      effects/relates to the success and failure of the organization?
  • What      is the HR Strategic planning, recruitment and selection strategy,      performance/ talent management strategy of both the organizations?
  • Based      on the analysis performed propose suggestions and recommendations (5-6)      based on the OBHR concepts learned in the course for both      organizations.

Report Requirements

  • The      report must include a title page, table of contents, introduction,      multiple supporting body paragraphs, conclusion and list of references.
  • Students      must use a minimum of 5 references..
  • Students      must use APA format when citing literature.
  • Students      are encouraged to use Grammarly to avoid plagiarism. If plagiarism is      identified in the work, the student will receive a zero for the assignment.
  • Do      not exceed the word-limit. Marks will be deducted for excessive length.

APA writing conventions should be followed in the report with a minimum of ten (10) sources referenced and cited including in-text citations (if you are presenting another author’s ideas in your own language you still have to provide the in-text citation of that author), references in APA format, the report must demonstrate analysis of the material and its application to the workplace. Title of the company cannot be your report title due to copyright reasons.

The submission date is mentioned in the course schedule (i.e., week 11) in course syllabus. All submissions will be made on Moodle. Please note that assignment help submissions are ONLY accepted on Moodle and NOT on email. Kindly rename your assignment file by your respective name before you upload. For example, if John Smith is submitting his assignment his assignment file name should be “Johnsmith”.

The report will be graded from 20% as per the rubric mentioned below.

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