SOLUTION: Pre-Clinical CCT; The professional nurse is responsible for the safety and well-being of their patient.  It is the responsibility of every professional nurse to ensure that their patient receives the most effective empathetic and safe care that is possible.  The act of reflection allows us to question the assumptions we base our decisions and work upon.   It allows us to be self-aware and explore in depth how we feel and see our world.  Reflection allows us to change our practice as we analyze what we did and why. The Pre-Clinical CCT Rubric is broken down into 4 categories: Assessment, Communication, Clinical Judgement, and Patient Safety. This paper should examine where points were lost in these categories, what you have been taught, what actions were unsafe, and what is your intention to make improvements in your practice in the future. Refer to your skills checklists, Davis’s Drug Guide, or lab modules for guidance.  Also consider the following: SOLUTION: Pre-Clinical CCT

  • Perhaps you gave the patient the medication incorrectly, or gave the incorrect dose.
  • Perhaps you forgot to perform the three checks with the MAR.
  • Maybe you did not safely identify the patient using the MAR.
  • You broke aseptic technique in performance of skills, or failed to keep the patient safe in other ways.
  • Maybe you did not perform assessments that were important to note based on the patient’s status.
  • Perhaps you were not organized and did not prioritize well.

SOLUTION: Pre-Clinical CCT

Paper should minimally be 2 pages in length, use the skill checklists from lab and your test outcomes to compose this paper.  No title page, reference page, or running header is required for this short paper.  Use good grammar and check your spelling. SOLUTION: Pre-Clinical CCT. If you did not make a safety error and lost no points on the CCT, describe what you were taught in the nursing curriculum and how it relates to this test, how you avoided safety gaps, and how you will continue to build on your safe practice in the future.

Safety Paper Scoring Rubric


Possible points Comments & Points earned
Describe where points were missed and what did not go well- assessments missed, communication gaps, disorganization or lack of prioritization, or safety lapses.




Discuss how your actions or inactions deviated from what was taught or expected. Note if there was any unsafe behavior in your CCT.

Refer to your skills checklists, Davis’s Drug Guide, or lab modules for guidance.


Reflect on the contributing factors related to the issues that occurred.


Explore how you plan to avoid possible mistakes or lapses in practice in the future.


Spelling and grammar.



Total score





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