I would like to have a writer rewrite a paper for me using the comments made by the instructor as well as the paper guideline. There are multiple comments made by the instructor. Please go over each of them, and also use the original guidelines of the assignment to rewrite the paper. Using the following PICOT question “In young inpatient adults diagnosed with major depressive disorder, does the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy combined with antidepressants compared to antidepressants alone improve treatment outcomes five years post-treatment?” Please see if you can improve this Picot question and use this to write the problem statement. The problem statement needs to be rewritten completely as I shifted the focus from depression to suicide. I would like to focus on depression instead. Please read the instructor’s comments first before working on this as it will help explain this better. I have attached the assignment guidelines and the paper with comments to this!!! There is new content in this paper that I have not worked on!!! It is okay to write from scratch

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