PY595DB4 vignettes, ethical dilemma Below are vignettes that address the ethical dilemma of professional boundaries and dual role relationships. Read each vignette and analyze the potential ethical/legal issues reflected in the vignettes, and comment on the availability of options for each of the therapists depicted in the vignettes. How would you have handled these situations?

Vignette 1

John is a licensed marriage and family therapist in a large metropolitan area where he has been in private practice for nearly ten years. John prides himself on being an ethical therapist who strives to maintain appropriate professional boundaries. However, in spite of his careful and professional conduct, John tends to worry that someday he may end up being listed in the Disciplinary Actions of the BBS PY595DB4 vignettes, ethical dilemma. In fact, a few of his colleagues tease him and tell him he’s being overly obsessive about making a mistake. Once, when John unexpectedly encountered one of his clients at a local supermarket, he gave his patient a quick wave of his hand and immediately left the store. John recently discovered that more than one of his patients attends exactly the same church services that he does. Now John wonders whether he ought to attend a different church service or perhaps, a different church.

Vignette 2

Howard is a licensed clinical social worker with a very busy private practice. Howard’s office manager, Susan, is an extremely competent individual who performs her job with great skill. One day Susan informed Howard that she would have to take a leave of absence from her position immediately due to an emergency in her family. Due to the nature of the emergency, Susan states that she will probably be unable to return to work for several months or longer. Howard is caught off-guard and is understandably worried about the prospects of finding a qualified replacement for Susan in so little time. To make matters worse, he seriously doubts that Susan will ever return to her job. After a few days, at the point that Howard is beginning to feel overwhelmed, a solution seems to drop into his lap. Ann, one of Howard’s current patients, informs Howard that she knows someone who would be “perfect” for the vacant office manager job. Surprisingly, the person that Ann recommends is actually a former patient of Howard’s by the name of Tara. Howard knows Tara well, having treated her for almost two years. He recalls that Tara is a very bright and responsible person and that she probably would be perfect for the job. Although Tara completed therapy with Howard about six months ago, he still has her file in his office cabinet. Howard recognizes that this is an important decision. Consequently, after giving it some very serious thought, Howard called Tara the following day and offered her the job.

Vignette 3

Maria is a licensed child psychologist who has recently enrolled her 10-year-old daughter in the area’s only art class. Her daughter quickly made friends with one of the other students and asked if she could come over for a play date. Maria discovers the student is one of her clients. She speaks with the client’s mother and the mother assures her she feels comfortable with the girls’ developing friendship. Maria agrees to the play date.


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