Phases of the DMAIC Process: For this second milestone due in Module Five, you will provide the Measure and Analyze phases of the DMAIC process and apply them to your  selected final project case study. You will first measure performance by creating a process to gather data on the current situation and then begin to create a  picture of what the future state will look like focusing on the proposed solution.  Prompt: First review your Milestone One submission wherein you summarized the desired resolution to the conflict in the case study based on your knowledge  of the organization’s business goals customer needs and the process that needs to improve. Next refer to the table chart in the MEASURE Supplementary  Document as well as to your posts and response posts in the Module Three discussion and the Module Four small group discussion.  Address the following critical elements as they relate to your chosen case study:  II. Measuring Performance: What process will you use to gather data on the current situation? Phases of the DMAIC Process

Phases of the DMAIC Process

 How will you effectively collect data on the identified variables (from the SIPOC analysis) and how will you evaluate the data?

 Include a draft of an Ishikawa diagram (fishbone diagram) of the variables that contribute to the conflict by highlighting the critical variables that  require further analysis.

 What role will these critical variables play in developing corrective changes to address the conflict in the problem statement? III. Analysis: Focusing on the proposed solution, describe what the future state will look like. Phases of the DMAIC Process

 Based on the variables you identified and the information provided in the case study, what are the root causes of the conflict?

 If this were a live situation, what are some questions you would ask of the stakeholders (voice of customer) to pressure test your initial  assessment of the probable root causes? Phases of the DMAIC Process

 Using the “Five Whys” process, include some additional questions you anticipate needing to ask as stakeholders answer your initial question.

 Instructor feedback on this milestone should be used to inform your final project submission, the executive summary presentation with speaker notes. Guidelines for Submission: Milestone Two should be 2 to 3 pages in length (excluding title and reference pages) with double spacing, 12-point Times New  Roman font, one-inch margins, and citations in APA style. Cite your sources within the text of your paper and on the reference page.

Note that the grading rubric for this milestone submission is not identical to that of the final project. The Final Project Rubric will include an additional  “Exemplary” category that provides guidance as to how you can go above and beyond “Proficient” in your final submission

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