Research, read, investigate, watch something etc. to complete the following activities.

Complete each activity and compile your answers into 1 document numbered according to the activity as listed below.

Submit this to the Week 1 lab activities.

LOG your time to prepare, answer, and complete all 4 activities – THIS IS YOUR LAB HOURS FOR THIS WEEK!!! You will document this information (time spent on each activity with a brief description of what it was….) and submit to the Week 1 lab log!

You should be close to 4 hours logged each week! The submission of the lab assignment and the submission for the lab hours log are ALL due Thursday before midnight!! This is 2 separate submissions – 1) the activities listed with your response/explanation and 2) the lab log – this needs the time and description of each activity in detail enough for me to know what you spent time on……and a cumulative total at the bottom. You will add to this log each week and submit the entire log each week under the week we are in.

Week 1 Activities:

1) Look within your community for various community groups that serve as resources for specific cultural groups. Pick one and describe how this group advances the particular culture in the community.

2) Using an age-specific chart for periodic health examination, identify and design a recommended frequency of health visits and preventive services, as well as health promotion activities for a 55-year-old male patient.

3) Watch a television or Internet news broadcast and identify the verbal and nonverbal interview responses used by the news correspondent and the interviewee. Tell me what date, time, and show you watched.

4) Write, in one paragraph, your perceptions of what “health” is.

perceptions of what “health” is

  1. One of the community groups that serves as a valuable resource for a specific cultural group is the “Asian American Cultural Association” (AACA) in our community. AACA is dedicated to  and preserving Asian American culture in various ways. They organize cultural festivals and events that showcase Asian traditions, cuisines, and arts. AACA also offers language classes and cultural workshops, helping community members of all ages to learn and appreciate their heritage. Furthermore, they collaborate with local schools to include Asian American history and culture in the curriculum. By promoting cultural awareness and understanding, AACA plays a crucial role in advancing and preserving Asian American culture within our community.
  2. While I cannot provide real-time or up-to-date health recommendations, as my knowledge is current only up to January 2022, I can offer a general guideline for recommended health visits and preventive services for a 55-year-old male patient based on typical age-specific health checkups. For a 55-year-old male, it is advisable to have an annual checkup with their primary care physician. Additionally, preventive services may include screenings for conditions like diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol levels, and colorectal cancer. Health promotion activities could involve maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise, tobacco cessation if applicable, and discussions with the healthcare provider about vaccinations or other preventive measures based on individual health history.
  4. “Health” is a state of physical, mental, and social well-being in which an individual is free from illness, injury, or disease and can lead a fulfilling and balanced life. It encompasses not only the absence of sickness but also the presence of positive factors such as fitness, emotional resilience, and social support. Health is a dynamic concept that varies from person to person and can be influenced by genetics, lifestyle choices, access to healthcare, and environmental factors. It is a holistic state that involves physical fitness, mental clarity, emotional stability, and the ability to engage in meaningful social and personal activities. Achieving and maintaining good health is a lifelong journey that involves a combination of healthy habits, preventive care, and a supportive environment.

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