How has the patient control over own health care changed? Over the past few years, there have been tremendous changes and shifts in how patient control their health. Patients are continuously gaining momentum and influencing major decisions about their health and well-being. Besides, with increased patient demands to make crucial decisions about their health, healthcare providers are also focusing more on cooperation rather than confrontations when providing care. Engaging patients and involving them in making major decisions about their health has the potential to improve overall outcomes and reduce per capita healthcare costs (Athanasiou & Bachtsetzis, 2020). It is imperative to note that patients are becoming more health-conscious individuals desiring to live productive and healthier lives, and as a result, they are critical about major decisions. Healthcare professionals allowing patients to make decisions continues to strengthen the principle of autonomy, where patients have control over their decisions, such as diagnosis and treatment.

Patient Control over own Health

Notably, with the availability of information across major platforms such as the internet, patients are becoming more aware of their rights, allowing them to take control and make decisions that can improve their health status (Kilbride & Joffe, 2018). Patients often control decisions concerning finances, treatment, and care. For example, patients can make financial decisions to either seek treatment in a public or private hospital or decide to be a private patient in a public healthcare facility. In addition, patients have control over their treatment, such as surgery or other therapies, and can either agree or disagree with a doctor’s prescription. Furthermore, patients are now taking a major role in learning about measures to promote their health and are interested in adapting to interventions such as lifestyle modifications that reduce the risks of developing diseases. It is worth noting that making decisions can be challenging. However, with assistance from healthcare providers, patients are increasingly taking charge and making major decisions about their health.

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