CMST 2220. Introductory Speech Assignment. Since this will be your first time speaking individually the idea for this assignment is to get you familiar with public speaking and to work on your basic speaking skills. You can choose your own person to introduce for this speech; this can be a prominent figure business mogul celebrity or someone extraordinary from your own personal life – IF they have contributed in some way to their community through business volunteering entrepreneurship invention etc. You will be introducing this person (or group of persons) as if they are winning an award or being honored in some way and it is your job to present their biography to the class. This person or group of persons can be fictional or non-fictional alive or dead. You will need to invent a speaking occasion such as “Hello everyone and welcome to Anoka-Ramsey Community College’s annual United Way fundraiser event……”Introductory Speech Assignment

Introductory Speech Assignment

Your Introductory Speech should be between 3-5 minutes long and you will need to turn in a typed and printed hard copy to me. You will write your speech out word-for-word (manuscript style) and then present it. You do not need to orally cite your sources, however, you must cite your sources using MLA style format on a works cited page and include it, as well as a hard copy of your speech to the Dropbox titled “Informative Speech Paper Copy” (12pt. Times New Roman font, double-spaced). Next, record yourself presenting your speech and submit the speech to the appropriate D2L Dropbox. You can use a recording file from your phone (as long as the quality is good) or upload the video to YouTube (suggested) and post the link in the Dropbox titled “Informative Speech Video Recording”. Introductory Speech Assignment

Define and Discuss Cloud Computing

You may not use Wikipedia for this speech (try the person’s website, if applicable, to retrieve information). The basic principle for this speech is: Introductory Speech Assignment

  • Cover some interesting points about the guest speaker, such as their background and history, interesting stories, quotes, and some of their past achievements, awards and credentials. Introductory Speech Assignment

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