Illegal Immigration into U.S. Enacting Change: The Media Proposal Project; You will craft your proposal argument for a specific audience hoping to enact change (or keep some action from taking place). For example you see that women’s needs are underrepresented in ads for electronics. You might address Verizon and explain how they might cater their ads to women’s interests. Or perhaps you see that girls are negatively affected by the media and you think a media literacy class would help boys middle schoolers better cope with the media images they see every day. You could address your course proposal to the school or school board.

Steps to Writing the Argument

  1. Identify a problem that either stems from the media or could be helped through the media.
  2. Read the Ch. 12 – Proposals in Everything’s an Argument to develop an understanding of proposals.
  3. Research Your Topic. Look for popular and scholarly sources, and look for a wide range of opinions and ideas. Illegal Immigration into U.S.
  4. Make a Claim. Your thesis solution claim will include [Actor] + [Action(s)] + [Goal(s)].
  5. Start to Build the Sections of the Proposal. Give Workshop Presentation. See page 2 of this assignment sheet.
  6. Draft, workshop, and finalize your essay. Use Ch. 12 and the outline below for organizing principles.

Proposal Parts: you need the following headings/sections in your Proposal Argument. The page numbers listed are recommendations – each project will be different. Illegal Immigration into U.S.

  1. Introduction – Nature of the Problem (1-2 pages):
    1. Encapsulate the definition (if needed) and quality (evaluation + causal) levels of argument.
    2. Establish a need for a proposal. Introduce stakeholders.
  2. Current Approaches or Previous Solutions (1-2 pages):
    1. Explain how other people have tried to solve this in other ways, or express that people have not actively tried to address this problem yet.
    2. Identify shortcomings in existing or past solutions.
    3. You may introduce your solution thesis at the end of this section. Illegal Immigration into U.S.
  • Proposal/Recommendations (1-2 pages):
    1. You may introduce your solution thesis at the beginning of this section.
    2. Propose a strong and specific statement of action, identifying the key reasons for taking this action and the effects taking this action will have.

  1. Feasibility & Implementation (2 pages):
    1. Establish that your proposal is cost- and time-effective (doable)
    2. Discuss who (people or organization) will do what: manning and manpower
    3. Discuss timeline: Should there be a pilot? How long will it take to implement? etc
  2. Advantages (1-2 pages):
    1. Discuss how this will meet the needs of the problem (as explained in your introduction) or help alleviate the problem.
    2. Discuss how stakeholders involved will benefit from your solution.
  3. Conclusion/Final Discussion (1 page): More than summary. “So what?”

Formal Requirements

  • At least 8 FULL pages (no more than 15 pages, please!)
  • MLA or APA formatted in-text citations and references
  • 8+ quality sources – at least 3 of which must be scholarly (peer reviewed) Illegal Immigration into U.S.


Proposal Argument due by 11:59PM on _____________________

Actor- Department of Homeland Security

Action- Reducing the volume of illegal immigration that occurs in the United States annually.

Goal- To strengthen the security of how our SSN is implemented and how departure laws for immigrants are acted upon.

  1. Introduction – Nature of the Problem (1-2 pages):
    1. What is illegal immigration? How is it legally defined?
  2. Current Approaches or Previous Solutions (1-2 pages):
    1. Build a wall? Block off all immigration to certain countries? This did not work very well and was perceived very negatively by a lot of other countries as well, Full downside.
    2. Deportation/removal, people usually tend to go into hiding just through fear.
    3. Born here but illegal parents? What happens?
  • Proposal/Recommendations (1-2 pages):
    1. Stronger and more secure use of social security numbers held by legal citizens.
    2. Propose a more effective method on the deportation or removal of immigrants that overstay their visit or are found to be living here illegally

  1. Feasibility & Implementation (2 pages):
    1. May cost money to implement a more secure SSN use, such as computer software to detect anomalies.
    2. Reduce the need to use our SSN in many places where it is not very secure, such as on a piece of paper and could be easily accessible by anyone or stolen.
    3. How long will this take to get into effect?
  2. Advantages (1-2 pages):
    1. Facts/stats about the pros of reducing illegal immigration.
    2. Speak on how this can balance out issues regarding social security such as schools and hospitals.
  3. Conclusion/Final Discussion (1 page): What’s the verdict? Is this even possible?


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