Essay 3: English Essay 3 Assignment

In essay 3, you will argue either that the library should purchase at least a dozen electronic licenses of Calling Bullshit or that it should not.

In making your argument, you will want to focus on two points. First, how useful is the information in the book to members of your student community. Second, you’ll want to consider how well the book does or does not satisfy the library collection development policy and the library mission statement (Links to an external site.).

Note: This assignment requires that you submit both an essay, an audience analysis, and a self-reflection. English Essay 3 Assignment

English Essay 3 Assignment


Before you write: (English Essay 3 Assignment)

You will need to conduct some research on how useful members of your community find the book. I encourage talking to at least three other ARC students and that you integrate some reviews of Calling Bullshit that discuss how it is, or is not, useful. Make sure these reviews align with your thesis. You can find references to these reviews on the dustjacket of Calling Bullshit. Be sure to track down the whole review. Finally, it would be a good idea to include some discussion about why bullshit, in general, is something that we should or should not study in college. English Essay 3 Assignment

Assignment Elements

This assignment has three parts

Bullshit Analysis (You will present an essay. English Essay 3 Assignment)

  • You will present your argument to the governing board of the library. After introducing your audience to your position, state the library should or should not purchase at least a dozen electronic copies of Calling Bullshit.
    • Some suggestions: (You do not need to address these points in this order, but you should weave all of them into your paper.)
      • Draw on stasis theory or the pentad to frame your argument and establish how and why it is relevant.,
      • Demonstrate how Calling Bullshit does or does not align with the library collection plan and its mission statement.,
      • Integrate direct evidence from your peers and reviews of the text.,
      • Discuss why BS in general is a topic that should be discussed in college or why it is not important enough to warrant discussion.,
      • Identify and respond to one meaningful counterargument to your position,
      • You will need to develop an argument that runs no more than 1250 words long. This word count does not include the other elements of the assignment or the MLA works cited page. . You will need to follow the guidelines for MLA 8 citation. You will be presenting your argument to the library board, so I recommend you adopt a formal tone. English Essay 3 Assignment

Audience analysis (must be written)

Write a one-to-two-page analysis of your chosen community. Begin with the title “Audience Analysis”.  The community you choose will be your audience so talk about what assumptions they will accept, what they will resist, and most importantly how you will appeal to them. Be sure to include some evidence. The mission statement provides quite a bit of insight into what the audience values in its library. (Remember, we have talked about how to analyze an audience.)

Self-reflection (must be written) English Essay 3 Assignment

Include a one-to-two-page page self-reflection. Attach the self-reflection as a separate page. Begin with the title “Self-Reflection”; then write at least one paragraph for each of the following points:

    • What went well in the essay draft?
    • What one or two areas could use improvement?
    • What you’ll change in your writing process to focus on those areas of improvement?
    • Did you achieve the individual writing goals that you identified in the proposal for this essay? If so, what steps helped you to be successful? If you haven’t yet achieved your goal, how, exactly, are you going to change your process to help you to achieve your goals?

Specifics English Essay 3 Assignment

  • Define bullshit
  • Demonstrate that the opinion piece contains bullshit
  • Integrate at least 5 sources.
  • Follow the specific guidelines for the submission type you’ve chosen
  • Your audience analysis should be at least 250 words long.
  • Your self-analysis should be at least 250 words long.
  • Conclude with a Works Cited page.

Suggestions for getting started English Essay 3 Assignment

  • Devote some time to prewriting before you sit down to draft the essay.
  • Work from questions, not answers. If you explore something that you find interesting, you are much more likely to write engagingly
  • Integrate sources, but do so thoughtfully. Make sure that each source serves a specific purpose in your paper. If you quote, make sure the quotation directly supports your claim.
  • Stay focused. You do not have much space. A focused discussion of one element with ample supporting evidence and analysis will be more effective than a diffuse conversation about multiple features.


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