Education at the college level; The specific issue that this paper will discuss is whether or not education/college should be free for everyone.

Aspect 1: Autonomy

The aspect of autonomy comes into play regarding education because individuals have the right to choose whether they want to further their education.  In today’s society, is there a choice or is it a must to live somewhat comfortably?  As our industries grow and progress; will having just a high school education suffice?  The other question is why be punished with debt for wanting to better one’s self?

Aspect 2: Diversity

            The diversity among students would vastly improve.  In the world education at the college level we have what we know as Ivy League schools.  Many of these schools are quite expensive to attend, not only because of what you can receive educationally; but the name itself.  According to the admission statistics, African-Americans make up less than 20% of the student population (,

2021).  Harvard is approximately 73,000 dollars to attend annually (  The average middle-class family cannot afford that, in some households that is two salaries combined.  Let alone in the African-American community which makes up a small percentage of the middle class.  Unless a student has a full academic or athletic scholarship or grew up wealthy the ability to go to that school seems unlikely.

Aspect 3: Level Playing Field

Free college for all students would create a level playing field for all.  Being wealthy gives advantage over students that are not wealthy because the focus in college becomes different.  For example, some kids have to work in college to aid with tuition and daily needs, and grades are harder to focus on, whereas a wealthy kid can choose to work but does not necessarily have to.  Moreover, the focus can be more pinpointed towards getting good grades.  After college, no one has debt, ultimately creating better opportunities to start adult life ahead of the curve as opposed to behind the curve.

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