Crime Scene Investigation Case Studies; Choose a case from the Crime Scene Investigation Case Studies Book (Fish & Fish) for the course or any other source you would like (e.g. The Casebook of Forensic Detection; a case from an internet search an infamous case a case from the local newspapers etc.).  Prepare a power-point presentation that highlights the following information:

1. Provide a case narrative that indicated the major information about the crime under investigation. Dates time places and the initial report(s) to the police.  What is this case about? What happened? When did it happen? Where did it happen? Who was involved? How did it happen? Crime Scene Investigation Case Studies

Crime Scene Investigation Case Studies

2. Provide a review of what was done to investigate the crime scene by following the 6 Basic Steps of CSI you learned about (Assessment Observation Documentation Search Collect Analyze/Process).  What was done with each of these steps and what were the results?

3. What physical evidence was located at the scene? Describe all the major “physical” evidence discovered.  Was it accurately documented and identified?  What is the interpretive value of each item of evidence? What examinations were performed and what were the results? What further examinations/analyses could be performed? Did any evidence lead to the identification of a suspect? Crime Scene Investigation Case Studies

4. It is possible that not all physical evidence was collected/processed. Create a list of additional physical evidence you believe should have been collected and what type of scientific testing you would request from the crime lab. Crime Scene Investigation Case Studies

5. You are now assuming the role of the defense attorney. Review the case as if you are representing one of the defendants. Did you detect any deficiencies in the investigation? What could be done in this investigation to eliminate these deficiencies?

6. What steps were taken that led to the resolution of this investigation? How was it resolved? If the case is unsolved what suggestions do you have for follow-up?


– All case information is provided as outlined in criterion #1 above (10 Points)

– Each of the 6 Basic Steps are Outlined and what was done in each area (5 Points Each Area for Total of 30 Points)

– Physical evidence was specifically listed out and thoroughly explained as outlined in criterion #3 above (20 Points)

– Criterion #4 Addressed by identifying at least 2 additional items and testing that could be done (10 Points)

– Criterion #5  -Identify at least 2 areas that could be criticized by a defense attorney and what you could do to eliminate the criticism (10 Points)

– Criterion #6 – Answers the questions and has 2 suggestions for follow up. (10 Points)

– Presentation is organized, professional, and includes photographs or other visual aids (10 Points)

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