Creation and Deployment HR Dashboard: For this assignment, you are the newest HR business partner in a large corporation and you have been given the task of leading the creation and deployment of an HR dashboard. Your supervisor, one of several directors reporting to the vice president of HR, has told the VP that you are an HRM MS Capella graduate and have completed coursework that supports HRM dashboards.

Creation and Deployment HR Dashboard

You are concerned about coordinating this task, collaborating with other areas in corporate headquarters, and gaining consensus. You already suspect it will be difficult to get some of the data you will need because that information is not controlled by HR. You will have to persuade several groups of directors (finance, marketing, operations, sales, and information services) to give you access to their data. You will also be coordinating with the benefits, compensation, and human resources information system (HRIS) areas within HR.

Your director has asked you to develop the initial concept of what the dashboard will contain and what it will look like. She also wants you to review other dashboards to give her an idea how yours might draw from the better features of the ones you review. As the content expert, you have been assigned two other people, from different departments, to work with you. One member is from the finance team and is an expert at data management. The other member is a website developer and is strong at coding and building dashboards.

Define and Discuss Cloud Computing


Assignment Description

The dashboard needs to provide information about the company’s employees, but not too much information; you still have to think about protecting privacy. Your boss wants the dashboard to contain the following information about each of the company’s employees:

  1. Hire date.
  2. Job level.
  3. Length of time at current pay level (but not the amount of pay).
  4. Education level.
  5. Diversity category.
  6. Leadership development program participation (yes or no).

Your boss also wants to know the age range of each employee, but to protect privacy, you will need to represent age as a generational cohort, based on your research.

Assignment Requirements

  • Written communication: Demonstrate graduate-level writing skills through accurate communication of thoughts that convey the overall goals of the analysis and do not detract from the message.
  • References: Support your analysis with at least two academic, scholarly, or professional resources from the Capella University Library.
  • Format: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style.
  • Length: 10 PowerPoint slides, not including the references list.

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