Prompt:  Sociology has the goal of testing common beliefs.
Sociology, testing common beliefs. Instructions: Using Nader’s idea and a concept or a few form Ch17,  write a single paragraph with a few key sentences to summarize the key issues.

 Nader Option 1  Interview with RALPH NADER
 Ralph Nader explains why we have LESS DEMOCRACY now than we did forty years ago, brilliant explanation in this Youtube Video, put link in the URL address bar. Ralph’s talk now discusses numerous ways in which our democracy is malfunctioning, even more than your textbook asserts. You do not have to discuss them all, but do you see just how many issues he interviewer is raising such as whether race is more important than social class, comparing the U.S. to European social programs, why the white working class voted for Trump, what about European democracies do differently, whether or not “corporate capitalism” disables democracy, and what Ralph Nader did when he was young to change consumer laws.

Sociology, testing common beliefs.  Explain at least one or two ways the U.S. system is having problems. Explain, do not assert, do not describe.  Describing terms is not what you are asked to do, as I stated in my email and announcement, you knew how to describe terms since you were young.   In college, you must move to analysis, to explain logically why something is happening, not what is happening. Who control technology and how few people do?

 EVERY MAJOR TOPIC TODAY is included in this Ralph Nader Interview!!!

 Nader Option 2: an article called LAWLESSNESS, which destroys the argument that we have too many laws.
Over the years, with the aid of massive amounts of money into public relations firms, the American public has been goaded to believe that “government is the problem” or that “we have too many laws, too many lawsuits.”  People hear and repeat this, but do they really want their meat not inspected? their medicines like the opioids distributed with knowledge of effects, our roads not safe?   No, people want to be safe and when push comes to shove, everyone want a government with regulations to protect their health.   Ralph Nader, the number #1 consumer advocate in America whose work saved millions of lives, believes we need more protection in many areas of our lives. Are we being ripped off by companies, who is watching their practices?

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