BSBMKG523 integrated marketing communication plan; This assessment task is designed to test your skills in designing and developing an integrated marketing communication plan as required by the unit BSBMKGT523 Design and develop an integrated marketing communication plan. Your trainer/assessor will be assessing your work and provide you with constructive feedback on Canvas. This task will assess your skills to:,

  • Determine marketing communication requirements,
  • Develop marketing communication brief ,
  • Design integrated marketing communication strategy,
  • Select and recommend media for marketing strategy,
  • Develop creative brief
BSBMKG523 integrated marketing communication plan
BSBMKG523 integrated marketing communication plan

In this assessment you will analyse the provided case, undertake research using Bounce Fitness website, and complete the four parts of the project to demonstrate your skills in designing and developing an integrated marketing communication plan.

What are you required to do to undertake this Case Study?

To complete this assessment, you must use the simulated business “BOUNCE FITNESS” by clicking on the link below. This business is a fitness company which is in all States within Australia. Bonce Fitness website contains information about the company, Infrastructure, People, Policies and procedures, Performance of the business, Documents, and scenarios. You can find the login details and the additional resources needed on Canvas. BSBMKG523 integrated marketing communication plan

To successfully undertake this assessment, you should be doing the following:

  • Read the provided Case Study, scenarios and Bounce Fitness additional resources couple of times and understand the requirements
  • Clarify the requirements with your trainer and assessor if you are not sure
  • Research appropriate websites as directed by your trainer/assessor
  • Complete all of the four parts and upload them onto Canvas
  • Discuss with your trainer/assessor the contents of the project you will be submitting

Leadership Traits and AttributesContext and conditions of undertaking the tasks?

The prescribed tasks will be undertaken by you after carefully analysing the case scenarios. Your trainer will also provide you guidance on the websites to be researched. Your trainer/assessor may also set certain conditions under which you will perform the tasks required by this assessment. For example, your trainer may set a time limit to perform a task or, ask you to repeat a task or, ask you to give additional information about the performance by asking you some verbal questions or, they may prescribe you some new conditions to undertake certain tasks. BSBMKG523 integrated marketing communication plan

Given your personal conditions, your trainer/assessor should also be able to make some reasonable adjustments in undertaking the tasks of this assessment. You should check with your trainer/assessor about the conditions under which the tasks should be completed, and the possible adjustment they can make in undertaking these tasks. BSBMKG523 integrated marketing communication plan

What specific WHS requirements may be involved?

This assessment will require you to be aware of the standard Workplace Health and Safety requirements e.g. Workplace Health and Safety Act and Workplace Health and Safety Legislation Your trainer/assessor will advise you on these and other legislative requirements.

Leadership Traits and AttributesTasks and frequency of performance

Details of the tasks to be undertaken in this assessment are provided in this document. The tasks listed must be performed at least once.

Getting Started

The assessment may be re-attempted on two further occasions (maximum three attempts in total). All assessments must be resubmitted 3 days within receiving your unsatisfactory grade. You must clearly indicate “Re-submission” on your resubmitted work. BSBMKG523 integrated marketing communication plan

You must complete all questions unassisted by the assessor or other personnel but may refer to reference material as may be needed. All questions must be answered satisfactorily for the assessment to be completed satisfactorily.

For any assessment conducted that is incomplete, or without satisfactory performance, the assessment will need to be completed again after further training support. This may be simply to focus on question areas not achieved in the prior assessment.

Submitting your assessment

When you are ready to submit your assessments, upload the files in Canvas via the submission tab. It is important that you keep a copy of all electronic assessments submitted to Canvas. Please submit all assessment components.

Word count

In this assessment some of the questions include a word count. This is a guideline only, but your answers should not vary substantially (i.e. +/- 10%) from the word count provided. Microsoft Word includes a word count tool

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