Discussion 3

Think back to the beginning of this review process. You located and culled articles, deciding which to include or exclude, and you have begun extracting the results from the articles. Share with the class what the most difficult part of the process was for you. Tell them what you are most proud of and what you have learned so far.

beginning of this review process

As I reflect on the review process, several challenges and proud moments come to mind.

The most difficult part of the process for me was definitely the initial stage of locating and culling articles. With an abundance of information available, it can be overwhelming to sift through numerous articles to determine their relevance and quality. Additionally, ensuring that the selected articles cover a diverse range of perspectives and methodologies adds another layer of complexity to the process. It requires careful consideration, critical thinking, and time investment to make informed decisions about which articles to include or exclude.

However, despite the challenges, I am most proud of the meticulousness and thoroughness with which I approached the task. I made a concerted effort to scrutinize each article, considering factors such as the credibility of the source, the relevance of the content to the research topic, and the quality of the methodology employed. By maintaining high standards throughout the culling process, I believe I was able to curate a selection of articles that offer valuable insights and contribute meaningfully to the research.

Throughout this process, I have learned the importance of patience, persistence, and attention to detail. Research synthesis requires careful navigation through a vast sea of information, and it is essential to remain focused and disciplined to ensure the integrity and validity of the findings. Additionally, I have gained a deeper appreciation for the iterative nature of research and the value of collaboration and peer feedback in refining and improving one’s work.

Overall, while the review process presented its challenges, it has been a rewarding and enlightening experience that has enhanced my research skills and deepened my understanding of the subject matter. I look forward to continuing this journey and further refining my research abilities.

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