Students are to select a United States publicly held company (of their interest) either from the New York Stock Analysis of a Comprehensive Paper Exchange or Nasdaq Stock Market to thoroughly analyze and write a comprehensive paper addressing the following aspects below. To capture the true essences of this assignment a minimum of (10) pages is required, APA style:

Thorough Analysis of a Comprehensive Paper

1) Mission Vision & Values of the company., Analysis of a Comprehensive Paper

2) Identification of the Four Functions of Management-Planning Organizing Leading & Controlling.,

3) Identification of various kinds of Managers-Top Middle First Line & Team Leaders and their roles.,

4) Address which Management theory (Chapter 2) best coincides with your selected company and Management team.,

5) Identify and thoroughly explain any environmental complexities that challenges your selected company; and discuss the element(s) of uncertainty, the general environment, technological advancements, political influences, customer/supplier relations, and lastly, how the current state of the economy affects the company you selected (positive or negative) in the way decisions are made.

6) Discuss how Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development plays out within your selected company. Based upon your research, are the Managers carrying out ethical decision-making practices? Hint, refer to Exhibit 4.6, pg. 81.

7) From your analysis, determine and report on how the Managers at your selected company develops a plan that works? How effective is the company’s planning process?

8) Organizational Strategy-Does your company have or maintain a Sustainable Competitive Advantage? Why or why not? Explain-be thorough in your explanation. Consider Assessing the Need for Strategic Change and Situational Analysis (pgs. 116-118). A SWOT Analysis is required as part of your paper. What are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Treats of your company? Analysis of a Comprehensive Paper

9) Make a case for your company’s sustainability utilizing the Five Industry Forces.

10) Address whether or not you believe your selected company is well positioned to innovate or successfully adapt to Innovation and Change. Hint: Use concepts from Chapter 7 to answer this lingering question.

11) Discuss what Global challenges Managers at your selected company face currently or may face in the years to come 1-3 years; 3-5 years.

12) Evaluate the use of and how teams are managed, particularly as it relates to managing a diverse workforce.

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