Advertising Campaign Strategy; Research into the future of the advertising industry

The currents affairs in the advertising industry

Advertising Campaign Strategy; In the current digital age, advertising has played a pivotal role in ensuring the brand visibility of individuals and organisations. Since the first day when I started my studies, I have been able to learn and experience various types of media found in the advertising industry. However, my passion lies in digital media, and as such, my ideal job would be to become a digital producer in a digital agency that provides a full spectrum of advertising services after my graduation. Advertising Campaign Strategy

The current emphasis on the digital space has enabled the advertising industry to provide advertising services across different digital platforms.  In the recent past, the advertising industry has gone through a radical transformation shifting from the traditional forms of advertising such as using mass media, including billboards., radio, and TV, which are mainly referred to as above-the-line advertising (ATL). Advertising has shifted to the digital space, utilising various forms of digital media such as social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, and paid searches using search engine optimisation. The new advertising strategy is referred to as the below-the-line advertising (BTL) (Bloomenthal, 2020). The new advertising strategy has emphasised integrated marketing, running marketing campaigns across multiple platforms. The adoption of new marketing strategies has been necessitated by the ever-changing demands from the clients, whereby brands want to have a personal connection with their customers, thus making social media platforms a powerful tool to form that connection. Another factor the at favoured the use of social media as an advertising tool is the fact that the platforms are able to offer result-based marketing campaigns, which has been one of the major demands from the clients (Berry, 2019). The new forms of social media have allowed consumers to become more aware of marketing analytics, targeted marketing campaigns, which are very effective in the success of any advertising strategy.  The current trends in the advertising industry are worth noting since the social media advertising platforms offer measurable advertising campaigns enabling clients to accrue value for their investments.

Advertising Campaign Strategy

The Future of My Discipline

Due to the ever-changing demands from clients and the emergence of new technologies, advertising companies are anticipated to change their strategies or reinvent themselves to suit the clients. Nowadays, the advertising demands from the clients is overly based n social media platforms (Appel, Grewal, Hai, & Stephen, 2020). The digital space is opening new platforms on a daily basis opening more avenues for companies to have direct communication with their customers. Hence, the ways that advertising agencies have been shaping their advertisement has t change with the emerging opportunities. According to predictions, clients are expected to use direct marketing strategies, and thus, they would require a way to monitor their investments and the impact of the marketing campaigns. To address the current demands, agencies need to develop innovative ways of creating advertising campaigns that offer direct communication with the customers.  Many advertising agencies stand to benefit from the shifting from mass media to digital platforms. The digital marketing space is a growing industry creating millions of jobs and providing career paths for many people (Allday, 2020). The growth is the result of the increased budgets by the corporate world towards digital advertising. Digital content production has become a lucrative career path, with statistics showing that digital marketers were some of the most sought after professionals in Australia (WBOC, 2021). Also, the budgets of below the line marketing, which majorly consists of digital platforms, is expected to grow by to $12.4 billion by 2025, as many people smart mobile phones, thus being able to access digital content (PWC Australia, n.d.). Advertising Campaign Strategy

Trends in the Industry.

When researching the advertising industry, several key trends can be identified that have a significant impact on the advertising industry in general and my future career prospects and employment opportunities. First and foremost, there is the growth of the number of people owning mobile phones. Thus the demand for robust online and mobile content has increased, which can be attributed to the fragmenting consumer viewing habits. The trend clearly outlines the importance of BTL as important marketing and advertising strategy that plays an integral part in the survival of the industry in the future. The second trend witnessed in the industry is the directing of more advertising funds into the BTL away from ATL in advertising since many advertising firms are merging. This presents an opportunity for advertising agencies to meet the demand of the clients. The last trend is the changing needs of the clients who want a result-based approach to their marketing campaigns. The approach allows digital platforms to monitors the marketing campaigns ad analyze the result to understand the effectiveness of the campaigns. Advertising Campaign Strategy

Advertising Campaign Strategy

Employment opportunities in the advertising industry

The focus on integrated marketing and the development of various digital platforms has made it necessary for many companies to analyze their strategies and restructure where possible to meet the market demands. Many advertising companies have embraced the idea of becoming a one-stop-shop when it comes to marketing and communication, utilizing the integrated approach allowed by the digital platforms. The rise in advertising revenues in the digital advertising industry is going to push the demand for labor in the industry higher. According to Long (2019), the projections regarding the spending on digital advertising are going to increase to about $23 billion by 2023. The increase in revenue and demand will drive the demand for more professionals to join the industry. Thus, the future prospects of employment in the digital advertising industry look bright, especially as a digital producer who is the career I want to pursue. Advertising Campaign Strategy

Career Competencies Audit

Graduate Capabilities

Graduate CapabilityEvidenceBenefit to employerProficiency (1-10)
Leadership skillsI have been a leader during data collection exercises. The task gave me na opportunity to lead a team to achieve the desired results.It shows my employer that I can manage a team in a focused manner. I am able to issue instructions, listen to opinions, and delegate duties as required. (Craig, 2019)10
Critical thinkingThroughout my course, I have been required to think critically about various scenarios and conclusions.Critical thinking skills are required in the advertising industry since most marketing decisions are made through data analysis to achieve the desired results.8
Communication skillsIn my studies, I took communication units that were focused on developing my communication skillsAdvertising is all about communication. Hene, excellent communication skills will go a long way in crafting catching messages for the customers.10
Organisational skillsDuring my part-time jobs, I demonstrated a high level of organisational skills since I could juggle my academics and work without any one of them suffering.Advertising involves working with multiple clients on multiple projects. Hence organisational skills will play a pivotal role in job performance.8
Ability to writes In my studies, I was required to write a different kinds of papers and projects. It allowed me to develop excellent writing skills.The industry requires excellent writing skills to capture client ideas and make presentations to the clients.10


Discipline-Specific Skills

Discipline-Specific skillEvidenceBenefit to employerProficiency (1-10)
CreativityThroughout my studies, I was exposed to different challenging situations. The situations enabled me to develop my creative capabilities to solve different kinds of problems.The industry requires creativity to be able to package the message from the client and communicate them in a language that the consumers will appreciate.10
Digital SkillsThroughout my studies, I was exposed to different digital software and social media platforms. They helped in developing my digital skills.Digital skills form the foundation of digital advertising. Digital skills allow you to use the available tools to develop the desire marketing message.9
PlanningThe numerous projects that I undertook in my course taught me the importance of planning in delivering quality work.Planning is key in allowing an individual to perform the required tasks. It will allow me to do a quality job I the stipulated time8
Analytical thinkingIn my studies, I have carried ut school projects that required data analysis to make decisionsThe industry relies on data analysis to make marketing decisions. Hence, analytical skills are key in performing my duties.8


Personal Values

Personal ValuesImportance
Hard work*****


Employment Preferences

Employment CategoryLevel of importance in terms of preference (1 – 10)
Location Preference:




Type of Job:

Digital marketing

Content development

Social media marketing

Digital production

Type of employer:

Large company

Private client

An advertising/marketing agency


High paying job




Overview of Career Competencies


Organisational skills

Analytical skills

Leadership skill

Skills in communication

Skills in planning



Lack of the necessary experience for most advertised positions.


Industry growth

Integration of new roles in the advertising industry.


Flooded job market.



Employment Strategy

My selling proposition would be the vast skills I have acquired on various media platforms. The skills would be supported by a strong academic performance at the university, ensuring that I acquire the highest grade possible in the units I am taking. Also, my job experience would be shown by sighting internships focusing on acquiring skills that would be critical in my job search in the future. I believe what make me stand out is the ability to learn new skills  in a shorter time. This would be important in the robust advertising industry. Also, my people skills, including the ability to work as part of a team would be beneficial to the employes, since most projects require team work. My strong character act to show that I have employable attributes mostly sought by employers. I believe this strategy would act as a blueprint for my future career endeavors of becoming a digital producer. Advertising Campaign Strategy


Based o the information given above, I have come up with the following two recommendations for several actions that I can take this semester to strengthen my strategy.

  1. I would seek to acquire additional skills than the units am taking at the university that are more focused on the practical part of the advertising industry. I would do this by participating in partial internships and participating in various clubs at the university, which would help me acquire the additional skills I require.
  2. Industry knowledge is an essential requirement by employers. To enhance my knowledge of the industry, I would be regularly applying for jobs posted at the AMB339 Blackboard site and applying for internships posted on the site.
  3. I would work on strengthening my emotional intelligence, my people skills and always strive to be a learner of new things concerning the industry on a daily basis.


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