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Social Influencers on Consumers

D1 said:
Hi, The biggest thing that stood out to me from the video was the impact paid brand ambassadors/social influencers have on consumers. Instagram influencers for a few years now have been taking over the social media space, and the ones that are paid by brands to promote their products are the new kind of spokesperson. Because of this Instagram, in my opinion, is now only content that is either marketing to you or a space paid for to advertise to you. If it’s an influencer we see a review of the product, and the reasons you have to have it right now, you even get a discount for using the influencer’s code. This is just sneaky to me, users of social media know that brands are advertising on Instagram, but somehow it is just discreet enough that we don’t question it most of the time. This makes it pretty easy for companies marketing on social media to influence us and reach us. We attach a nice feeling to someone we follow on Instagram, so when they are selling us something we almost trust them more than the brand itself. It is an interesting relationship and I am heavily impacted by it honestly, I even shop on Instagram more than websites now. Social Influencers on Consumers


D2 said:

Oh my goodness… This video is so overdone and it’s all been said before. We live in a post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk world!

I think that some people ARE susceptible to the negative “brainwashing” effects of social media, but I think that if you’re even the slightest bit of an intellectual that this video’s rhetoric is simply insulting.

Focus on one of the world’s real problems… (STOP LINE 3!)


I have read a lot of people’s posts on this forum and I am actually surprised at how many of you agree with what this video is saying.

I will acknowledge that it has negative aspects and can brainwash weak-minded individuals, but I think that social media is just a part of the world that we live in today. The real problem is the billionaires who own these companies (and the world)… Zuckerberg, Gates, Zhang Yiming, Branson, Musk, Bezos, Buffet, etc.  The 1% have twice as much wealth as 90% of the global population

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