As you watch the film, observe, reflect and answer the following questions as they relate to the events and characters of the film and the theories and practices of servant leadership we have learned so far Mr. Walt Disney & Ms. P.L.. You will write a 6-8 page reflection paper based on the following criteria. Mr. Walt Disney & Ms. P.L.



Marks will be given based on the completed questions that include thoughtful answers and using critical thinking skills in response to the questions. Be sure to interact with course material to date and what you observed from the movie. Be specific and give examples to support your positions. Use at least 10 references from at least 3 different sources (minimum 4 from our textbooks, minimum 4 from the film, minimum 2 from other academic sources). Mr. Walt Disney & Ms. P.L.

Mr. Walt Disney & Ms. P.L.

Title Page: 1 page


Main Body: 3 Parts; 6-7 pages


Part 1. Leadership styles of the two primary characters: Mr. Walt Disney & Ms. P.L. Travers. (2-4 pages)

  1. Was Walt Disney (played by actor Tom Hanks) a servant leader? Why or why not? Give at least 2 specific examples to support your position.,
  2. How would you describe Mrs. Travers and her leadership style? Give 2 specific examples.


Part 2: Leadership styles of the Supporting Characters (1-2 pages) Mr. Walt Disney & Ms. P.L.

  1. Pick one (1) of the following supporting characters to profile: Mr. Walt Disney & Ms. P.L.
    1. Ralph (the driver)
    2. Robert and Richard Sherman (the musician brothers)
    3. Don DeGradi (the scriptwriter)
    4. Dolly (the writers’ & musicians’ secretary)
    5. Tommy (Walt’s secretary)
  2. Answer the following questions about them:
    1. What 2 servant leadership characteristics did you observe in this person?
      1. Please explain why you think that. Give an example that demonstrates this leadership characteristic.
    2. How did they overcome a challenge they faced by using their servant leadership behavior?

Part 3: Forgiveness & Servant Leadership (1-2 pages) Mr. Walt Disney & Ms. P.L.

  1. What did you learn about forgiveness from this movie? Give two examples.,
  2. Why is forgiveness an important quality in a servant leader?


Reference Page: 1 page



Using APA Style (6th Edition) for paper formatting and references, pay attention to the following:

  • 12pt font, Times New Roman, double spaced, 1-inch margins
  • include page numbers, references and title page


GRADING RUBRIC: (20 points) (20% of final grade)


Grading Rubric for Critical Thinking, Reflection & Application (10 pts):

Emerging (0-3 pts)Developing (4-7pts)Mastering (8-10 pts)
Student responds to question(s) with a basic understanding of the question(s), little to no critical thinking, little to any application of ideas, little to any use of supporting evidence.Student demonstrates some understanding of the questions(s), some critical thinking, application of basic ideas, and use of evidence (citations and/ or personal examples).Student demonstrates exemplary understanding of the question (s) advanced use of critical thinking, application of ideas and use of evidence (citations and/ or personal examples, examples from the movie and from course material to date).


Grading Rubric for Composition and Style (5 pts):

Emerging (0-1 pts)Developing (2-3 pts)Mastering (4-5 pts)
Sequence of ideas is difficult to follow, no clear point, poor word choice, no or poorly used source text (doesn’t use “they say/ I say” pattern)Logical sequence of ideas that is fairly easy to follow; clear points’ fairly good word choice; fairly well used source text (makes some use of the “they say/ I say” pattern).Exemplary organization of ideas that is very easy to follow; strong points, well-chosen words, very thoughtful use of the source text (uses they say/ I say” pattern).


Grading Rubric for Grammar and APA Details (5 pts):

Emerging (0-1pts)Developing (2-3 pts)Mastering (4-5 pts)
Language or APA flaws in three or more areas.Language or APA flaws in no more than two areas.No significant or notable language or APA flaws.


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