Government-Voter Fraud; Former President Trump warned against massive voter fraud when he began running for office in 2015. After he won the Electoral College vote in 2016 but lost the popular vote he claimed he lost the popular vote because of voter fraud. He then established a commission to find proof of his allegations. What did it find?

In the 2020 election he again warned against voter fraud especially in voting by mail. He said he could only lose the election because of voter fraud and expected the Supreme Court to have the final say in the election because of voter fraud.

Research the facts regarding voter fraud in both voting by mail and in-person voting during this century. Be specific with statistics and studies regarding each type of voter fraud. For example a Loyola University study found only 31 actual cases of voter fraud out of one billion votes cast in the U.S. between 2000-2014. Explain your findings and cite your competing and/or nonprofit nonpartisan sources.

Government-Voter FraudAlso discuss overall findings (what was the basis for dismissing the majority of those lawsuits by both Republican and Democratic judges) of 59 out of the 60 lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign and allies relating to fraud in the 2020 elections. What have election officials at state and federal levels said repeatedly about the 2020 election results?  Government-Voter Fraud

Considering your findings why are so many Republican majority states attempting to pass restrictive new voting laws? Are these new laws necessary or as many claim 21st century Jim Crow laws?,

What are U.S. House Resolution 1 (H.R.1) and U.S. Senate Resolution 1 (S1)? Be specific. Why do the Democrats think they are necessary and why does the GOP oppose them? Be specific in your explanations.,

What is the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act? Explain it.,

Explain the new Texas Voting Bill in detail. Do you think it was passed to ensure election integrity or to suppress the vote especially of poor black and brown people? Base your opinion on your previous research for this assignment.,

Analyze the information you find in your research for this assignment. Present your opinions based on your findings. Cite your sources.

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