Write the following down as it is the same research question variables and hypothesis for everyone person in this class. Eyewitness Testimony Perceptions Guilt

Research Question: Does the type of eyewitness testimony presented in court influence perceptions of guilt?

Eyewitness Testimony Perceptions Guilt

Independent Variable (IV): Type of Eyewitness Testimony

Groups/Conditions of the IV: (1) No eyewitness condition, (2) Unchallenged eyewitness condition, (3) Discredited eyewitness condition

Dependent Variable (DV): guilt ratings (on a scale from 1 [not guilty] to 7 [extremely guilty]).

Hypothesis: Loftus (1974) suggests that when jurors are presented with a discredited eyewitness (e.g., an eyewitness who was not wearing their glasses at the time of the incident), they are just as likely to rate the defendant as guilty. Therefore, we predict that participants who are presented with the discredited eyewitness vignette will rate these defendants as more guilty than participants in the no eyewitness condition and the unchallenged eyewitness condition. Eyewitness Testimony Perceptions Guilt

At this point it is time to move forward in writing our report, I recommend doing the following.

  1. Read Lecture Slides: How to write a research report in APA format.
  2. This will teach you how reports are written.
  3. Become familiar with the document, Outline for a research report. This document will describe how to write each section of your report. I would recommend completing the outline one section at a time.
  4. Then, read the Methods and results statistics document, that will hopefully assist you in writing your Method and Results sections.
  5. Submit anything that you want to Draft: Research report by Sunday to signify that you are working on this assignment. The final paper will not be due until next Sunday.

Eyewitness Testimony Perceptions Guilt

To demonstrate that you have been working on your Research Report, I would like you to submit a draft of what you have done by Sunday of this week. This can include either: Eyewitness Testimony Perceptions Guilt

  1. A draft of your Introduction section and References page AND/OR
  2. A copy of any of the outlines provided with your work included

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