Advantages, OnDemand Business Aviation, Customers enjoy full flexibility in flight booking under the on-demand charter. Customers have broad options of flight types because they can select suitable aircraft as per the requirements and the date of their flights with minimal restrictions. Customers can receive flight services some few hours to the lead time as opposed to the scheduled programs which require customers to book flights early in advance, not less than 24 hours prior to the flight departure (Vascik & Hansman, 2017). 

Customers get value for their money in on-demand business aviation. With this program, customers pay for exactly what they need and when they need it as opposed to the scheduled programs where they are required to pay large initial deposits that don’t have interests. At times, the rates of on-demand business aviation offered per hour tend to be cheaper than the jet cards. Also, there are no restrictions or extra fees associated with wait time should a customer delay on the way to the airport.

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Customers enjoy transparency on their flight bookings. This is because the program provides a clear understanding of the flight upfront costs. The initial quote received by the customer includes all the costs except ground transportation and special catering.

What are the disadvantages associated with On-Demand Business Aviation? Advantages, OnDemand Business Aviation

Advantages, OnDemand Business Aviation, Any business with advantages must also have some disadvantages. In the case of on-demand business aviation operations, the small size of its airlines, as well as the small profit margin results into financial instabilities when it comes to running their day to day operations (Yen & Chen, 2017). In addition to this disadvantage, the charters tend to be expensive, especially in the case where they have been chartered for a single cargo or a single passenger.

From the environmental point of view, the flights under this category utilize fuel just like other flights contributing to the increasing air pollution. Compared to commercial flight operators, on-demand flight operators have strict penalties when customers cancel flights involving little or no refund at all. Also, people who buy single flight tickets for themselves don’t enjoy flexibility because securing a seat in their flights of choice depends on the availability of empty seats on such a plane (Pazourek & Václavík, 2017). 

All in all, on-demand flights in most cases are expensive, especially if a customer requires special equipment like refrigerators to meet their demands. However, if people are travelling as a group, the individual costs are lower compared to purchasing tickets on commercial flights (Vascik & Hansman, 2017). But whichever way a person looks at it, on-demand flights have more advantages than their disadvantages when a customer wishes to catch the next flight outside or inside the country.